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Bread & so

Croque monsieur - cheese, ham 8,00
single croque 6,00
Croque madame - cheese, ham, egg 9,00
single croque 6,50
Croque Hawaii - cheese, ham, pineapple 9,00
single croque 6,50
Croque vidé - cheese, ham, vidé filling 11,50
single croque 9,00
Croque bolognaise - cheese, ham, bolognaise sauce 11,50
single croque 9,00
Croque out of the fist 6,00
single croque 4,00

» You can choose from a baguette white country style of fitness multigrain
Baguette smos cheese 5,50
Baguette smos ham 5,50
Baguette smos cheese & ham 6,50

Toast smoked salmon 11,80
Toast mushroom nature 11,80
Toast mushroom cream 12,50
Toast Belfleur - chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato 11,80
Toast vegetarian - pesto, tomato, mozzarella, oregano, arugula 6,00
Toast crab salad 11,00

Spicy beef burger with samba dip and grass fries 13,00
Fish amd chips burger with tartarsauce and grass fries 13,00
Chicken burger with honey mustard sauce, pinapple and grass fries 13,00

Egg dishes
Omelette with mushrooms, bacon, tomato, vegetables and parmesan cheese 9,50

Miller’s bread
Uitsmijter – cheese, ham, egg 9,00
Brie, honey, arugula, nuts 10,00


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